At Chancellor Electric, we focus on significant energy savings. Our experts consider the big-picture for all lighting and energy management challenges. We factor in the entire lighting and energy landscape—including environmental, economic and aesthetic factors—to deliver sustainable, fully integrated solutions.


Additionally, our lighting specialists focus on continuous manufacturer training and leverage our industry-leading product selection. It's how Chancellor Electric makes sure our customers understand the true benefits, costs and advantages of every lighting and energy management decision.


Our value-added services can help you meet your maintenance, budget and energy-efficiency goals:


  • Lighting system design and 3-D layout
    Payback analysis

  • Problem-solving lighting solution expertise

  • Recycling assistance

  • Utility rebate assistance

  • Walk-through energy audits

  • Financing options via manufacturer and utility rebates


For residential, commercial and industrial markets, Chancellor Electric lighting solutions include:

  • The design and installation of lighting solutions adapted to every need

  • The renovation of existing lighting equipment

  • The maintenance and repair (MRO) of installed lighting material


We offer our customers lighting management solutions to maximize their comfort and energy savings.  From high performance T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps to the latest in LED screw-in lamps, LED retrofit kits and LED fixtures; tunable electronic HID systems to high-wattage compact fluorescent lamps, our team will find the right products for both interior and exterior applications.

LED Lighting: Retrofitting High Bay Fluorescent to LED

LED lighting technology is energy-efficient and rapidly-developing. LED lighting systems last longer, are more durable, and offer better light quality than previous types of lighting. Chancellor Electric can help your company with an “Easy Fix”, retrofitting your 4-foot and 8-foot high bay fluorescent luminaires to LED. Contact us to today to discuss your LED retrofitting options.

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