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Chancellor Utility has been serving the utility market throughout the southern United States since 1966.  We offer a full range of products from leading manufacturers.  We are dedicated to meeting the specific needs of power distribution and currently work with rural utility systems, investor owned utilities, government agencies and high voltage contractors.

In order to provide value-added customer service we provide:

Local inside and outside
sales staff

Automation control experts

Distribution equipment and power design specialists

Lighting design specialists

24 hour emergency response team

Our pole line hardware includes:

Cable and Fittings

Flexible Duct

Lineman Tools


Static and Guide Wire

Fall Protection, Belts, Climbers, Bags, Pouches

Control Cable, Tray Cable

Ground Rods


Insulator Hardware

Dead End Assemblies

Molds and Shots

1228 W 5th St
Laurel, MS 39440

Office: 601.518.6454
Fax: 601.518.0656


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